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Intairco brings you the iTrap

The World’s Only Intelligent Air Trap!!

Just imagine if you could have an alarm notification on your transmitter to warn you that you were collecting air in your Air Trap allowing you to make a safe landing to investigate the cause…… long before that inevitable flame out.

Well now this is possible thanks to Intairco’s innovatively designed iTrap Tel with Fuel Sensing!

The iTrap Tel has an internal electronic sensor. Once the surface of this sensor is exposed to air it sends a signal to the Telemetry Interface Module (iTM) that in turn is connected into the radio’s proprietary telemetry network.

The iTM that is supplied with the iTrap Tel is compatible with Futaba, Jeti, JR, Multiplex and Spektrum Radio Systems that are equipped with Telemetry Receivers. Additionally there is a version of the iTM suited specifically for twin installations.

Other great features of the iTrap include an integral mounting system as well as an innovative internal Tie Bolt Stem design allowing complete disassembly by the owner if required.

And of course, it still features our proven SS Diffuser as used so successfully in our Super Traps.

The new iTrap is offered in both Telemetry (iTrap Tel) and Non-Telemetry versions (iTrap Basic), the latter to cater for customers that do not have a telemetry based radio system yet…..But these units can always be upgraded at a later date if required and the upgrade can be done by the owner!


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